Return to Work 1-5 Employees


  • Supporting the worker’s active recovery
  • Keeping a valued worker in the workplace
  • Limiting WSIB costs

There is no legal requirement to have a return to work program, but proactive firms should consider applying these processes where opportunities are available/practical.

Return to Work Responsibilities

Role Responsibility Timeframe
Injured Worker

Notify supervisor/employer of the Injury

Immediately or as soon as possible
Have the treating health care provider complete a Form 8

Let the health care provider know that your employer offers modified duties.
Provide a copy of page 2 to your employer
Return page 2 of Form 8 That day or before the start of their next scheduled shift
Fill out a Form 6 Worker’s Report of Injury As soon as possible or during the next scheduled day at work
Cooperate with employer to identify suitable modified duties After injury occurs
Maintain communication with the employer and WSIB during recovery period

Obtain an updated FAF as requested

Notify employer and WSIB if there are difficulties or disputes with RTW plan
After injury Occurs
Employer Report Injury to WSIB (Form 7)

Immediately report a Critical Injury to MOL (877-202-0008)
Complete a Form 7 within three days of becoming aware of work-related injury or illness and submit to WSIB within seven days

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