Workplace Safety Group Is Your Partner In Safety Success

Workplace Safety Group has been providing safety training to individuals and businesses in the GTHA and Niagara Region for many years. Our commitment to quality at all levels gives our customers peace of mind that their teams are well trained to manage safety at work.

Full-Spectrum Safety Training Services

Workplace Safety Group offers a broad and relevant range of occupational health and safety services, programs and consulting that provides companies with short and long-term solutions to occupational health and safety challenges.

Guiding Sustainable Success

It's critical that your business and employees are up-to-date with safety knowledge and training. And that means those in charge also need to be current.

The team at Workplace Safety Group helps guide companies like yours to achieve sustainable workplace health and safety through both, short-term and long-term initiatives.

Continuing Education – SafeWork Summits

In addition to our training and consulting services, as a customer of Workplace Safety Group, you will be invited to our SafeWork Summit – information and networking events that keep HR Managers, Supervisors and business operators up-to-date and in compliance with the latest safety initiatives in Ontario.

Guaranteeing Workplace Safety

A safe workplace is guaranteed where everyone, owners, managers and workers, respect safe work practices, and a healthy work environment.

As a key partner, our expertise helps companies compete safely, successfully and profitably.

From 1 to 1,000 Employees

Whether you employ 1 or 1,000 people, the law requires you to keep your workers safe! As you increase in size, your systems and procedures will need to evolve with your growth.

Talk to us before you start. We can help you manage time, budgets and human resources to get the results you need.

Why Work With Us?

Workplace Safety Training, Niagara & Hamilton


We know there's more to successful safety training than just presenting the 'data'. Our Training Facilitators are among the best in the industry, able to distill complex information into meaningful learning.

In our courses, your employees will learn what they need to know and come away remembering what they learned.

Meet Our Leadership Team & Facilitators

Carola Mittag | President

Carola graduated in Healthcare from the University of Toronto. Years of working with chemical, biological & toxic hazards created a keen interest in Health and Safety. Her knowledge and experience come from studying the workforce’s health and safety trends and data.

She holds firm in her belief that preventing occupational illnesses, injuries and fatalities requires proactivity, not reactivity to an accident. Working with a variety of industries in Niagara since 2004 provides for an understanding of their health and safety needs.

Robert Murden | Director, Business Development & Project Startup Leader

Bob “cut his chops” in marketing and advertising as an advertising manager for a large international brewer. He went on to found a graphics and media production company, growing it to a size enabling a TSX listing.

Subsequently, he re-entered the market place as a “fixer consultant” for pre-media companies wishing to revitalize their technologies and introduce new service offerings.

Entera Utility Contractors approached him to join them as a project coordinator to supervise, as part of a team, the infrastructure construction needs of top-line companies, including Bell, Toronto Hydro and TTC.

Bob has a solid knowledge base in company management, regulatory compliance, project management as well best practices for safety in construction. He excels in understanding the processes that successful project management and guidance require.

Leonard Sassano | Principal Facilitator

Leonard Sassano, ASA (Accredited Systems Auditor), OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor, CSA Z1000 Auditor, is an accomplished health and safety professional with over 40 years’ experience in the implementation of effective and sustainable management systems.

His expertise includes conducting risk assessments, developing and implementing health and safety programs, workplace inspections, accident investigations and facilitation of training programs for all levels of an organization.

Jamie Smith | Facilitator

Jamie Smith, NSCO, has over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry in both, the industrial and construction divisions. In 2012 Jamie started teaching Health and Safety at Niagara College, educating young and new workers in safe work practices for the Construction, Welding and Electrical Trades. Jamie’s extensive education in Health and Safety includes a General Arts Diploma concentrating on Health and Safety from Niagara College, as well as Environment and Labour Studies.

Jamie is a Certified Health and Safety Training Coordinator and Health and Safety Instructor. In 2009 Jamie received his Advanced Health, Safety and Environmental Processes Certificate from the University of Fredericton.

Don MacIntosh | Facilitator

Don MacIntosh, B.Sc., B.Ed. is a Master Teacher, Program Developer with an Honours Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry. He was an advisor for the original Working Committee for WHMIS Legislation-1988.

Rudner MacDonald LLP | Legal Counsel

WSG is privileged to have Rudner MacDonald LLP on our team as legal counsel, and to the benefit of our clients.

With years of experience filled with accomplishments and success stories, both Stuart E. Rudner and Natalie C. MacDonald, have been repeatedly named among Canada’s Top Employment Law Practitioners. The vibrant and dynamic Rudner MacDonald LLP partnership presents clients with a powerhouse team, each building upon the strength of their individual reputations as experts in the field and gifted authors in their own right.

Not afraid of the courtroom, but committed to resolution where possible, employment lawyers Natalie and Stuart have helped hundreds of clients address workplace issues. With a balanced approach, they provide senior counsel of the highest calibre to employers and employees in all aspects of employment law.

Get an evaluation of your workplace and get on track with safety and compliance.