Ministry of Labour Penalties

Posted Oct 29th, 2016

Ministry of Labour Penalties

Court Bulletins announce convictions for violations of Ministry of Labour legislation. In 2015, the MOL gave out over $5.7M in fines to companies for failing to provide safety training and instruction and where workplace injuries resulted.

When penalties are issued

Employers who violate health and safety legislation may receive monetary fines. The purpose of these fines is to motivate employers to practice Due Diligence meaning, doing everything reasonable to keep workers safe. Due Diligence cannot be implemented after the fact; employers must be able to prove that they did their very best in training employees, ensuring equipment was not faulty and that workers were provided with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Penalties are considered when employers:

·      Allow an unsafe workplace or working conditions

·      Do not comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Regulations

·      Do not take sufficient precautions to prevent work-related injuries or illnesses

Setting the penalty amount

The amount of a penalty is based on the nature of the violation and/or a company's history of violations. Penalties can be greater if certain specific factors are present, e.g. high-risk or intentional violations, blatant disregard for safety, or if the company has previously been fined for the same or similar violation.

Most recent fines posted by the Ministry of Labour:

Worker's Critical Injury Results in $54,500 Fine for Food Processor
October 25, 2016, Simcoe ON Read more…

Death of Worker in Trench Results in $75,000 Fine
October 12, 2016, Toronto ON Read more…

Worker's Fall Through Opening Results in $50,000 Fine In Guelph
October 7, 2016, Guelph ON Read more…

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