Posted Mar 23rd, 2017 in Tips & News

PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKERS Ontario’s Ministry of Labour has a new information-sharing agreement with the federal government to protect the rights of temporary foreign workers (TFW). The agreement provides for exchange of data about employers and recruiting agencies between federal and provincial governments.

The intent is to improve the province’s oversight of workplaces that hire TFWs and help the provincial government determine an employer’s qualification to hire TFWs. It also ensures that employers comply with Occupational Health and Safety laws, and will identify and report employers that are non-compliant. “We are concerned about the exploitation of temporary foreign workers, and this new information-sharing agreement will help us to better protect some of our most vulnerable workers,” Ontario Labour Minister Kevin Flynn says.

This agreement is the latest step in the MOL’s plan to ensure that TFWs have the same protections that other provincial workers have. The province has amended the Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act, 2009 to extend protections to foreign nationals seeking work from a temporary employment program as well as to TFWs.

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