By Carola Mittag

Posted Oct 22nd, 2018 in Tips & News

In Ontario, a Joint Health and Safety Committee is required by law in workplaces having more than 19 employees. Two members (one worker and one management) of the JHSC must take certification training approved by the Chief Prevention Officer of Ontario (CPO). The worker member must be (s)elected by fellow workers and the management member may be appointed.Each member must know the scope of his/her authority in dealing with safety matters.

Certification is a two-part process comprised of a three-day Part One training covering health and safety legislation, followed by a two-day Part Two, workplace hazard-specific training which must be taken within six months of the Part One.

The JHSC management and worker representatives meet on a regular basis to deal with health and safety issues. Through the JHSC, the in-depth, practical knowledge of job-specific tasks is brought together with a company’s policies and procedures.

The Internal Responsibility System (IRS) is the fundamental philosophy of Ontario’s occupational health and safety legislation; whereby, everyone in the workplace is responsible for his or her own safety and for the safety of co-workers including employers and employees. The JHSC is the means for bringing the Internal Responsibility System into practice.

For more information and assistance with JHSC certification requirements please contact Workplace Safety Group at 1.866.347.7707 or by email at

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