Beware of Frigid Temperatures!

By Lyse Moreau

Posted Jan 7th, 2019 in Tips & News

Beware of Frigid Temperatures!

Think about which activities you will be doing in extreme cold.

Check the weather forecast for current, local weather conditions as well as for the presence of clouds. Dress accordingly to keep yourself warm and safe. 

For work or play, layer up with loose fitting clothing, starting with moisture wicking undergarments, pants, snow pants, breathable socks, undershirt, wool or fleece breathable sweater, a lined, water-resistant windbreaker jacket, neck dickie, hoodie, tube scarf or balaclava and/or toque. Liners for gloves and mitts also keep hands warmer.

Layers allow for flexibility and movement and the ability to remove them if necessary. They provide spaces that insulate and aid in blood circulation to keep you warm and dry.

Additional accessories include eyewear, goggles or face shields, ear plugs, ear muffs, hard hat liners and hard hat guards. Footwear and boots should not be tight, should have a good grip (tread) and be slip and water-resistant.


When you’re back indoors, maintain and preserve your clothing for future use by hanging them up or putting them in the dryer so they’ll be dry for your next outing. Make sure all the reflective taping is in good order and relatively clean. Remember FR clothing cannot be washed in water otherwise it will loose fire retardant characteristics.

Finding the right Work Wear for cold temperatures can be challenging. International Sew Right custom designs safety clothing to meet your specific needs with a no minimum order on most items. Jackets with removeable linings, Radio Pockets for easy access and coats or jackets can be made longer or shorter, and can be made from cotton, polycotton, arc flash, Hi Vis and heated hoodies. Our top-quality products are sold internationally and manufactured to your specifications. / 905-374-3600

Get an evaluation of your workplace and get on track with safety and compliance.

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