Why Are Safety Audits Done?

By Carola Mittag

Posted Jan 9th, 2019 in Tips & News

Why Are Safety Audits Done?

Legislative Requirements - There are many laws that require companies to meet certain safety standards. A safety audit can help ensure those standards are met.
Safety Concerns - Keeping employees and the workplace safe is ethically very important.
Injuries- If someone has been injured in a specific area of the workplace, it is often necessary to perform a safety audit of that area to determine whether the injury was a one-time occurrence or there is a risk of it happening to someone else.
Bottom Line - While safety improvement in the workplace is often looked at as an expense, in the long run it can positively improve a company's bottom line.
Safety Culture - Employers who want to promote a safety-focused culture need to set the tone by engaging in safety-related activities such as a safety audit.

If a company fails to meet Ministry of Labour requirements, there are often financial penalties, and can result in a facility being shut down. Understanding specific compliance audit requirements is an important first step in passing inspections.

Is it worth gambling with worker and workplace safety? Get the help you need with a cost effective plan from Workplace Safety Group consultants. From the moment you call, we begin the process of eliminating your questions and concerns. We ask you questions to get to know you, your safety concerns and your understanding of Ministry of Labour compliance requirements.

  1. We start out by asking you about your safety board and the things that you have posted.
  2. We will ask to see your Health and Safety Policy statement.
  3. Then we would like to know what you are doing about monthly workplace inspections.
  4. Do you conduct job hazard analyses, risk assessments and do you have written safe work procedures in place?
  5. What does your Violence and Harassment Policy statement say? How has the policy been implemented?
  6. Are you able to show us your Safety Data Sheets (SDS), either digitally or in a binder?
  7. We would like to see your Health and Safety procedures manual. It will give us information on how we can be of the best and most cost-effective service as your safety provider.
  8. Who is your designated Health and Safety Representative, or is your Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) active and effectively managing health and safety?
  9. Have you implemented an updated policy for the use of recreational cannabis use and/or any other drug policies that affect the workplace?
    We will ask to see any safety training documents that show your due diligence activities in keeping your workers safe.

Becoming safety compliant is an ongoing process. Implementing a safety program that meets your needs, legally, morally and financially can be done methodically, incrementally and affordably. As a business owner, your day-to-day is busy. Let us guide you through your business' safety needs with services ranging from a safety risk analysis to the implementation roadmap to MOL compliance requirements.

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Our experienced safety professionals have one goal in mind. We want to be sure that you look after your workers the way you would want your own family looked after in their workplaces.

Get an evaluation of your workplace and get on track with safety and compliance.

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