Six First Aid Mistakes

By Carola Mittag

Posted Mar 5th, 2019 in Tips & News

Six First Aid Mistakes

1. INDUCE VOMITING - Vomiting can actually cause esophagus ruptures and can compromise an airway, so inducing vomiting is no longer recommended. If someone swallows something harmful, call Poison Control immediately.

2. CLEAN CUTS WITH HYDROGEN PEROXIDE - Products like peroxide, alcohol and iodine actually delay wound healing and cause tissue damage. Clean, or irrigate the wound with water or saline.

3. GIVING MOUTH-TO-MOUTH RESUSCITATION - It’s time to update what you learned about CPR. The Red Cross has modified their guidelines to include only chest compressions in most instances. The goal is to keep blood circulating. If you witness a person collapse, call 911 immediately and then begin CPR by pushing hard and fast on the middle of the person’s chest continuously until they start breathing.

4. TREATING A BURN WITH ICE OR BUTTER - Don’t reach for the ice—it will cause more pain, make the burn worse and can even cause frost bite. Don’t reach for mustard or butter either. Anything with any sort of sugar in it can attract and feed bacteria, which can increase the chance infection. A better solution is to run it under cool water or wrap it with a cool towel or gauze.

5. LYING DOWN AFTER HITTING THE HEAD - Some head injuries can be serious. When a person loses consciousness or has a change in mental state after hitting their head, get them medical attention immediately. Lying down isn’t recommended. Look for signs of nausea, vomiting and confusion and severe headache that doesn’t respond to treatment with a pain reliever—any of these symptoms indicate seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

6. FISHING OBJECTS OUT OF THE SKIN - Don’t try to remove a piece of glass, a nail or splinter. It is possible to actually damage the tissues or nerves in the body. For deep, foreign bodies, seek medical attention.

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