Dealing with Different Personalities at Work

By Carola Mittag

Posted Apr 24th, 2019 in Tips & News

Dealing with Different Personalities at Work
Working in any type of workplace means having to deal with all different kinds of people. When people are hard to deal with or engage in workplace conflict, it leads to decreased productivity, missed deadlines and stressed workers.

Different people need to be dealt with in different ways. Different personalities can be great for a workplace because it allows for many different opinions; however, diverse personalities can also present many challenges.

Common Problem Personalities in the Workplace
  • Antagonists - Dealing with quarrelsome people requires assertiveness and a balanced approach to conflict.
  • Snipers - These people are sarcastic, critical and experts in pot shots and sneak attacks in subtle ways.
  • Complainers - Hearing someone complain day in, and day out is exhausting for everyone, and can completely crush workplace morale.
  • Egomaniacs - These people resist direction; think they always know what is best and ignore even the nicest of advice or suggestions. Not only do they think they do not need to improve, they think everyone should consider themselves lucky to work with them.
  • Gossipers - It can be hard to deal with gossiping co-workers, as you can’t really control what people talk about. But gossip is bad for the work environment; it leads to distrust and hurt feelings.
Whatever the personality types in a workplace, there are always going to be people who don’t get along or, individuals who are much harder for everyone to deal with. By arming yourself with some strategies, hopefully dealing with any difficult coworkers becomes less challenging.

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