National Day of Mourning is April 28th, 2019

By Carola Mittag

Posted Apr 26th, 2019 in Tips & News

National Day of Mourning is April 28th, 2019

The National Day of Mourning occurs annually on April 28th in Canada, recognizing all the workers who have been killed, injured or suffered illnesses due to workplace hazards and/or exposures. On this day and always, Workplace Safety Group pays respect and promotes the prevention of all workplace incidents by making workplaces safe and healthy.

We think of the families of these workers and the ways their lives have forever been changed by the loss, injury or illness of their loved one. This day of mourning serves as a reminder to support workplace health and safety by spreading awareness of the risks of unsafe conditions in the workplace and taking a stand against workplace fatalities and injuries. Every worker has a right to a physically and psychologically safe work environment and should go to work secure in the knowledge they will return home safely to their families at the end of the day.

Health and Safety at Work

There will always be jobs that, by their very nature, have more dangers and risks. Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS Workers, to name a few, face more unpredictable risk factors than those in other, less hazardous jobs and careers. This is why it is important to take every precaution relative to a position, workplace and worker to ensure minimal risk.

Workplace Safety Group supports education, intervention, accountability and prevention as critical to ensuring healthy, safe workplaces. Let us work together to ensure that everyone goes home safely!

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