Pondering “intelligent health and safety”

By Carola Mittag

Posted Jul 4th, 2019 in Tips & News

Pondering “intelligent health and safety”

Brainy, clever, bright, smart, gifted, intellectual, sharp, quick, discerning, perceptive, astute, canny, smart, ingenious, inventive, talented, perspicacious, apt, wise – all are substitute words for “intelligent”.

I would hazard a guess that each one of us would describe ourselves to be or, have some of the characteristics of “intelligence”. And they are good qualities to have. The question is, when do we use them and when do we ignore them, either consciously or without realizing we’re doing so?

Why do employers continue to choose conscious ignorance (knowing you have to do something but choosing to ignore it) instead of “intelligent health and safety?

WSG strives to help companies achieve their health and safety goals through training, program expansion and policies and procedures development.

You do not need to be a large company to use outside resources for help with your health and safety program. While WSG does assist larger organizations, we specialize in program creation for the smaller client with a limited budget. So you no longer need to practice conscious ignorance or as I call it, play ostrich (hiding your head in the sand).  

Whether you need one health and safety policy and procedure written or would like an entire health and safety binder created, we can help. Call today to speak to us about your needs.

As an FYI, the Ministry of Labour does not accept ignorance of health and safety legislation as a defence. Ignorance is not bliss; it can be very expensive! Be in the know when it comes to what you require to be compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Having a sound health and safety program should not be a “just in case” strategy; just in case a workplace accident happens; just in case the MOL inspector shows up; just in case WSIB premiums could go down; just in case workers might perform better; just in case clients choose to buy from you over another vendor.

Call us, not for the “just in cases” but, because you know you need to do something but don’t know where to begin.
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How to Navigate the Green Book (OHSA); 
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Dealing with Challenging Personalities (Difficult People)

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Get an evaluation of your workplace and get on track with safety and compliance.

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