Setting up Your Health and Safety Program

By Carola Mittag

Posted Aug 26th, 2019 in Tips & News

Setting up Your Health and Safety Program

Navigating through the rules and regulations that govern workplace health and safety can be challenging. It may even seem like the law doesn’t reflect the reality of small to medium sized businesses. WSG aims to make sense of health and safety to ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to meeting your compliance requirements.

Your Guide to Health and Safety Compliance

The law (OHSA) establishes minimum standards for working safely. When you adhere to these standards you are complying with the law. However, the law is very basic as it generalizes requirements that are universal to all workplaces; it cannot anticipate everything that might happen in your workplace. When you assess for potential hazards that are specific to your workplace, you are doing your “Due Diligence”. Once identified, it is your job to find ways to control those hazards and share that information with your workers.

Your Health and Safety is a Living Program

A health and safety system is not the binder on the shelf or all the right posters on the safety bulletin board. It is the way everyone in the workplace works together on a daily basis to keep each other safe through safety talks, training and actions that demonstrate conscious safety awareness at all levels. In this way safety is not left to chance.

Your Health and Safety Policy Statement

Instead of thinking of your health and safety policy statement as only a legal necessity (which it is), consider it a promise to your workers in which you commit to doing everything possible to have them return home safely at the end of each day. This statement is in fact the substance of your entire health and safety system and includes:
  • Your vision for a healthy, safe workplace
  • Your statement of compliance with the OHSA and Regulations
  • Your commitment to health and safety training
  • Your goal for everyone’s involvement
  • Clearly defined duties, responsibilities and accountabilities of all workplace parties
Health and Safety in Action

You have committed to health and safety, assessed your workplace; now you must put policies and procedures in place that match the hazards and needs of your business. Policies and practices are not shelved dust collectors, they need to be actioned every day and just become a part of how things are done.
Your Action Plan
  1. Get help with finding out what you need – call WSG for a free Discovery Call
  2. Plan your training needs for supervisors, health and safety representatives, equipment operators
  3. Ensure your policies and procedures are written to be directly relevant to your specific work processes and equipment.

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