No Worker Born to Die

By Carola Mittag

Posted Sep 5th, 2019 in Tips & News

No Worker Born to Die

Isn’t it time to campaign for "NO WORKER BORN TO DIE" in your company?

From 2009 to 2018, the following age groups, industry sectors, events, and gender had the highest traumatic fatality percentages:
Age Groups:
          • 25 to 29 (11%)
          • 40 to 44 (11%)
          • 45 to 49 (11%)
          • 50 to 54 (11%)
          • 55 to 59 (12%)

Industry Sectors:
           • Construction (32%)
           • Transportation (23%)
           • Manufacturing (11%)
           • Services (11%)
           • Gender: Men (92%)

Obviously, dangerous jobs can seriously injure or kill workers who are not prepared to carry out those jobs safely. But, before even considering jobs' hazards and risks, employers must understand their own legal roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for workplace safety. That’s why a rigorous safety program must be in place where supervisors and managers understand not only how to direct work processes but, also their responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act—all to keep employees safe at work.

What are the gaps in workplace safety programs?
  • Owners and managers who take a lackluster approach in general when it comes to overall health and safety in the workplace – sadly there are still too many of these
  • Owners and managers who do not understand their responsibilities. How are they then able to set up a safety program without basic knowledge of health and safety law?
  • Nonexistent workplace assessments to identify hazardous machinery, products, processes, substances, environment and/or people
  • Workers who are untrained and ignorant of risks to their safety because there is an absence of a health and safety culture in the workplace – workers are not engaged
  • Lack of Competent Supervisors who, by law must be knowledgeable in the work, understand basic health and safety law and be trained to direct the work of others.
What would you like your company’s health and safety program to look like
  • A safety program and company reputation that attracts and retains long-term customers?
  • A safety program that supports your business with a strong, competitive advantage and creates new and profitable business opportunities?
  • A safety program and principles that attract and retain superior, safety-minded employees?
  • A safety program that showcases your company as “the one” to do business with?

No worker is born to die. Let us help you assess your needs, train your workforce and fulfill your due diligence requirements. Call today for more information or to book a free, onsite Discovery Call to start you on the road to safety success. TF 1.866.347.7707

We have been helping protect workers for 15 years and want to make sure the future of your workers and the success of your business is always safe.

Get an evaluation of your workplace and get on track with safety and compliance.

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