Ministry of Labour Court Bulletins for July through Sept. 2019

By Carola Mittag

Posted Sep 17th, 2019 in Tips & News

Ministry of Labour Court Bulletins for July through Sept. 2019

Did you know that, when we blog these court bulletins, our readership goes up? What it tells us is that you are very interested in the penalties that are issued for violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act which, by the way, seem to be increasingly steeper. Is it inquisitiveness, is it a matter of “WHEW, there but for the grace of God go I” or is it an opportunity to evaluate whether or not your own safety management would pass muster by an MOL inspector?

WSG is available to help companies assess their safety programs to help them avoid stiff fines and penalties for health and safety infractions. When you contact us for an assessment, we take a look at what you are doing well to comply with occupational health and safety law and regulations and, where you may have gaps that need to be addressed. These gaps could include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of understanding of management’s responsibility and accountability for safety;
  • Failure to train supervisors to be “competent” in their roles;
  • Lack of proper orientation, safety and equipment training and the documentation to prove the training;
  • Missing written policies and procedures;
  • Lack of hazards identification and inspections with proper record keeping;
  • Failure to implement controls to remove identified hazards;
  • Not conducting regular safety meetings;
  • Not monitoring the health and safety program on an ongoing basis;
  • Not having anyone trained in First Aid on all shifts; and
  • Not having an Emergency Response and Preparedness plan in place.

When you have questions, when you would like an overview of your safety management or, when you are ready to implement a complete safety management system, Workplace Safety Group can take that seemingly monumental task and break it down into manageable bites both, practically and financially.

It starts with a phone call to book a no charge, no obligation two-hour onsite “Discovery Call” visit to discover what your need and wants are. Book a “Discovery Call“ today at 1.866.347.707 or Contact us to discuss how we can assist your workplace avoid costly fines and penalties.

Get an evaluation of your workplace and get on track with safety and compliance.

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