Consulting & Training For Safety

Is it worth gambling with worker and workplace safety? Get the help you need with a cost effective plan from Workplace Safety Group consultants.

Experienced Workplace Safety Consulting in Niagara, Ontario

Our consulting services range from traditional consulting including Training Assessment Needs, Resource Acquisition, Hazard & Risk assessment assistance to more advanced consulting needs including safety audits and sustainable maintenance plans.

From the moment you call, we begin the process of eliminating your questions and concerns.

Step 1 - Assessment Of Your Needs

As easy as a phone call, we'll help you understand what's required for developing,  updating and maintaining  your safety programs.

Step 2 - Build a Roadmap to Workplace Safety and Compliance

We come to your workplace and perform an in-depth GAP analysis to discover your site-specific needs. This roadmap includes:

  • A GAP Analysis to Evaluate Your Workplace
  • A Plan of Action & Schedule for Implementation
  • Ongoing Requirements

Step 3 - Training Your Staff

Using the roadmap, we help your team receive the appropriate training.

Step 4 - Follow-Up & Preparation For the Future

MOL compliance requirements are ever-changing. Your business must stay up-to-date. Beyond compliance, we are able to assist with:

  • Preparing for Workplace Audits
  • Conducting Job Hazard Analysis
  • Contractor Pre-Qualifications

Click the option that matches your needs to understand more about how we help business and HR departments of all sizes:

HR & Management Medium Sized Businesses Small Businesses 

Get an evaluation of your workplace and get on track with safety and compliance.

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