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Maybe your health and safety program is functioning well, maybe it needs a boost; WSG’s GAP Audit group employs highly qualified and knowledgeable consultants to identify “gaps” in your program in order to recommend and prioritize corrective actions.

Have a WSG consultant visit your workplace to inspect the physical condition of the facility and review your existing health and safety program to ensure that minimum legal requirements are being met. The consultant will compare their findings with compliance requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and applicable codes that apply to your workplace. Our consultant will identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize recommendations based on leading industry best practices.
Be the healthy and safe workplace your employees deserve. Be sure that you are doing everything possible to remain profitable while fulfilling Due Diligence requirements.

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Safety GAP Audit Methodology

Safety Gap Analysis / Audits are conducted in accordance with appropriate legislative and industry best practice requirements. In addition to interviewing workers, and doing a walkthrough of the facility, we review and evaluate existing documentation, and management philosophy and practices to determine existing compliance and performance.

(Audit methodology is based on the WSIB WorkWell Audit and CSA z1000.)

Workplace Safety Group - GAP Audit Services - Niagara, Ontario

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