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Simplifying safety management for your business with access to documentation, training and incident reporting from the office, the job site or anywhere in between.




In our experience, there has been a consistent lack in resources and tools to enable companies to efficiently train employees on the frequently changing regulations, establish and measure confidence & competence, as well as track their safety knowledge and credentials.

Working closely with client companies, Workplace Safety Group is offering EXCLUSIVE and INNOVATIVE online and mobile OH&S management, powered by ACTIVE OH&S® Management System.

Powered by ACTIVE OH&S® Management System



WSG safety programs, powered by ACTIVE OH&S®, are more than just pages and policies. They explain how decisions are made, who is accountable for what tasks and they teach workers about minimum acceptable behaviours using relevant solutions. Workers become more invested and more engaged when they believe in what they are doing because they know why their job is important. It is estimated that organizations with highly engaged workers have as much as 48% fewer safety accidents than those with engaged workforces. This creates a culture of inclusiveness in decisions made – and actions taken – for their own safety, and fosters a workforce other companies want to work with.



Positive ROI in under 6 months

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ACTIVE OH&S goes beyond templates or manuals to deliver a collaborative, engaging workforce via readily available company policies, procedures and standards. ACTIVE OH&S® manages your variables in the workplace so you have a greater sense of control over your facility and/or job sites.


Help your business attract and maintain Advocates, not Workers.

Find out how our Health & Safety Mobile Dashboard powered by ACTIVE OH&S® can help. 

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With a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Ontario, Mentor Safety 

continues to monitor daily data to ensure the safety of all - clients, trainers and others.

Mentor Safety applies and adheres to all public health guidelines as they are updated.