• Workplace Safety Group Provides Ongoing Support In Your Compliance Efforts in Niagara

    Workplace Safety Group
    has been acquired by Mentor Safety Consultants Inc.

    Thank you to all our clients who helped Workplace Safety Group become a highly respected health and safety consulting and training company.
    We confidently pass along Workplace Safety Group, its legacy, and clients to the care of Mentor Safety Consultants Inc. (MSCI).

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Business Compliance Consulting by Workplace Safety Group in Niagara, Ontario

Workplace Consulting

Effective solutions to bring your team up to speed in compliance.

Training Programs in Niagara & The Golden Horseshoe

Training Programs

It's not just employees, management has a direct responsibility too. 

Workplace Safety Group Safework Summit in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Our Community

Organizations we stand beside in our communities. 

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Trust Mentor Safety to pick up where Workplace Safety Group left off.

Welcome to Workplace Safety Group

Helping businesses across through-out Ontario with expertise in safety training, health and safety consulting services and addressing compliance issues. 

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