• Compliance training & consulting with Workplace Safety Group in Niagara

    Workplace safety is about more than simply meeting standards.

    We help you navigate the regulations and paperwork so your company is compliant and your people stay safe.

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  • Business compliance consulting with a plan at Workplace Safety Group in Niagara

    Your safety plan should cover all the bases... safely.

    Whether you employ 3 people or 300, you need a solution that leaves nothing to chance.

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  • Workplace Safety Group Provides Ongoing Support In Your Compliance Efforts in Niagara

    A pro-active approach to compliance will keep workers safe and business profitable.

    Let Workplace Safety Group be your guide to training and certification.

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  • In-House Workplace Safety Training in Niagara, Ontario

    Register employees for training now!

    Open Courses or Onsite - customized to your business' needs.

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Business Compliance Consulting by Workplace Safety Group in Niagara, Ontario

Business Consulting

Effective solutions to bring your team up to speed in compliance.

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Training Programs in Niagara & The Golden Horseshoe

Training Programs

It's not just employees, management has a direct responsibility too. 

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Workplace Safety Group Safework Summit in Niagara Falls, Ontario

SafeWork Summit

Exchange workplace safety ideas with your peers at our annual event.

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Contact Workplace Safety Group in Niagara Ontario

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Let Workplace Safety Group guide your business in becoming safe and compliant.

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Welcome to Workplace Safety Group

Helping businesses from Southern Ontario with expertise in workplace safety training, planning and consulting. 

Get a Workplace Safety Plan & Get Your Business Working Safely

Workplace Safety Group – Experts in safety, certification and compliance training since 2004.

Workplace Safety Group has been providing safety consulting, planning and training to individuals and businesses in the GTHA including St. Catharines, For Erie, Hamilton and the Niagara Region for over 15 years.

Our commitment to quality at all levels gives our customers peace of mind that their teams are well trained to manage safety at work.

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Latest News

Health and Safety is FREE for anyone!

Health and Safety is FREE for anyone!

By Carola Mittag

Posted Apr 15th, 2019 in Tips & News

A company experiencing an employee injury with direct costs of $5,000 is expected to carry indirect costs of approximately $20,000, bringing the total cost to $25,000. Based on a profit margin of 10%, it would take that company $250,000 of revenue creation (and collection) to offset expenses.

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Is a Dangerous Worker Considered a Recognized Workplace Hazard?

Is a Dangerous Worker Considered a Recognized Workplace Hazard?

By Carola Mittag

Posted Mar 19th, 2019 in Tips & News

Whether it is working dangerously or allowing a worker, known to work unsafely, to continue working, there is no excuse if the worker causes an accident. This is an example of the proverbial ostrich sticking its head in the sand or “it won’t happen to me” syndrome.

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