What do we mean by a no-obligation Discovery Call?

We are honoured when you’ve extended an invitation to meet with you for the first time.

Our first meet and greet is to get to know you, to ask questions about your business and find out the primary reason why you want to speak with someone in health and safety. During this no-obligation Discovery Call visit, we will go through a checklist of basic health and safety requirements as set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

This visit is also the time for you to get to know the people at WSG with whom you potentially want to work in achieving your goals for sound and successful health and safety management.

At this visit it becomes clear very early on whether or not there is synergy between you and WSG. You, as customer, must feel comfortable and assured that you have contacted the right company to meet your needs.

WSG will weigh the sincerity and seriousness you convey in wanting to achieve your health and safety goals. It is our mission to ensure your workers are not put at risk and your business remains successful. Your success is our success. WSG chooses to work with companies that understand that safety is not just a word but an overarching company value.

When you make the decision to work with us, we will do our best to exceed your expectations, after all, doing our best is the very least we can do.

It all starts with that important Discovery Call. TF 1.866.347.7707

Get an evaluation of your workplace and get on track with safety and compliance.

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