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Workplace Safety Group is the leading Health and Safety Compliance Training provider in Niagara and the GTHA, focused on helping you improve safety management outcomes.

Our events connect you with industry experts to provide practical, focused and deeply informative networking and learning experiences. Participating in these industry-leading events will help you, your company and employees work safely!  

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Safety Foundations Workshop

On October 18th Workplace Safety Group is offering a fall Safety Foundations Workshop, three much requested safety topics at a "special get acquainted" offer. 3 courses for $99.00

The topics are; 

  • How to Understand & Use the Green Book (OHSA) 
  • Supervisor Basic Health & Safety Awareness
  • & Understanding Due Diligence 

Session Outline - What you will learn

How to Understand and Use the Green Book (OHSA) 

Participants will gain insight into occupational health and safety obligations by learning how to use the 2019 Green Book in their businesses.  Copies available for purchase before class ($24.95+HST as cash, credit card or cheque)

Supervisor Basic Health and Safety Awareness (what you need to know about complying with health and safety law)

Expectations placed on supervisors are high. This training workshop breaks down the responsibilities outlined in the Occupational Health & Safety Act and explains how those responsibilities directly relate to the safety and health of the workers you supervise.

The session content aligns with the requirements outlined in the Ministry of Labour, Health & Safety Awareness in 5 Steps handbook.

Understanding Due Diligence

To exercise Due Diligence, an employer must have a plan to identify potential workplace hazards, and carry out appropriate corrective actions to prevent accidents or injuries that may arise from these hazards.

Managers and Supervisors will gain a fundamental understanding of their duties and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

This is a great opportunity to to upgrade the skills of your middle management staff at an amazing price. Call us toll free at 1.866.347.7707 and chat with Carola.

Offer is limited to 12 people and held at the new offices of Employment Solutions in Welland, not far from the hospital.

Date: Oct 18th, 2019

Location: Employment Solutions, 825 Ontario Street, Welland

Price: $99.00/person plus HST

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