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In 2018, a new database for Working at Heights (WAH) and Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification for recording training was implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Training & Skills Development ( MLTSD ). The database is called called Skillspass™. The database is secure, meeting Government of Ontario’s strict standards for privacy and security. SkillsPass is a digital system that tracks and updates your safety training data, both for your own records and for the MLTSD.

Workplace Safety Group registers you directly for SkillsPass™ at time of booking your Working at Heights or Joint Health & Safety Committee training. Immediately upon course graduation you will be issued a temporary card with Learner ID  number. Learners are then e-mailed (or mailed) a QR code from the Skillspass™ system.

SkillsPass™ records each learner's safety training and shares the data with provincial regulators once the training is complete. Since SkillsPass™ system is cloud-based that means you can access it anywhere, even if you’re working on the road, at a job site or working at home. Skillspass™ is mobile-friendly, which means learners can now access, view, print and share their training records online with their smartphones or iPads 24/7 through SkillsPass™

If you have previously taken a CPO approved training course your digital training records may already be available through SkillsPass™. If you have any questions about our role in the registration process, please contact us at . For technical questions relating to SkillsPass™, you can email them directly at

For additional information on SkillsPass™, click here to watch a short video.

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