SafeWORK O'Cannabis Summit - April 18th, 2018

O'Cannabis - Our Morning Keynote Address

The implications of marijuana – both medical and recreational – on your current workplace policies.

On July 1, 2018, Canadians will enter a brave new world as the Liberal government legalizes recreational marijuana.The new legislation is simple to understand in terms of the rights of individuals; however, it gets much more complicated when it comes to how marijuana should be used, tolerated or forbidden at work. Now more than ever, employers and employees must know how to discuss and deal with marijuana in the workplace. The best thing you can do to protect your business and your people is to stay informed, be prepared for questions that come up, and understand the implications of marijuana – both medical and recreational – on your current workplace policies.

Keynote Speaker - Stuart Rudner of Rudner Law

How Addiction Impacts the Workplace

Creating a Psychologically Healthy Work Environment

Employers have an obligation to their workers. A psychologically healthy workplace fosters employee health and well-being while enhancing organizational performance and productivity.

Guest Speaker - Marnie Prokator, Health Promoter, Community Addiction Services of Niagara (CASON)

WSIB - Hanging on in the winds of change!                         
Chronic Mental Stress (CMS) effective January 1, 2018

With revised chronic mental stress legislation and policy effective as of January 1 2018, how can employers deal with employees diagnosed with a chronic mental stress injury?

How will judges and doctors know if the reported mental stress is caused by a “substantial work-related stressor”?

How will judges objectively and consistently determine if a work-related stressor is “excessive in intensity and/or duration” in comparison to “the normal pressures and tensions experienced by workers in similar circumstances”?

Receive a checklist for employers in preventing, responding to and managing CMS claims.

Rate Framework Modernization

Being prepared ahead of time is vital. Our speaker will briefly lay out steps to prepare companies for Rate Framework Modernization which will eliminate surcharges and refunds and make major changes to how the WSIB classifies employers and calculates premiums based on risk band increases/decreases. The new Rate Framework is scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 2020.  

Guest Speaker - Cézanne Charlebois, M.A., LL.B

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  • Fee per person - $275
  • Best Western-Cairn Croft
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     8:00 – 8:15      Opening Remarks
     8:15 - 10:30     Stuart Rudner - Rudner Law
   10:30 - 10:45     Break
   10:45 - 11:45     Marnie Prokator - Cason
   11:45 - 12:45     Lunch
   12:45 -  2:45      Cézanne Charlebois - Charlebois Associates
     2:45 -  3:00      Break
     3:00 -  4:00      "Ideashare" & Network thru Q&A session with guest speakers. 

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