Sexual Harassment & Violence in the Workplace (Bill 132)

Ontario has brought forward new legislation, Bill 132 on Sexual Violence and Harassment in the Workplace...Are You Ready? Let us guide you through the changes and educate your staff.

Who Should Take This Course?

Owners, Managers, Supervisors, Foremen, JHSC Members and Health & Safety Representatives

All workplace parties need to gain an understanding of their duties and responsibilities under the law.

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Course Overview

Under Bill 132, (Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act), employers have new and additional obligations to take all necessary measures to prevent and eliminate all risks of sexual violence and harassment in the workplace. The specific ways in which these changes affect you include:
  • Having a recently updated risk assessment
  • Having a recently updated policy on violence in the workplace which includes sexual violence and harassment
  • Having a recently updated program outlining provisions for actions to take if employees experience or encounter violence and/or harassment
  • Ensuring your JHSC members or Health and Safety Representatives have been included in the update or development of all sexual violence and harassment policies and programs
  • Having a go-to third party that can help ensure compliance, as well as act as an investigator in the event of an MOL order to do so

Course Details

Length: 1/2 Day
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Training Dates

Training at client location by arrangement.

Course Content

This half-day course is designed to help you understand and how to implement compliance with this new legislation

  • Learn how to write an updated Policy on violence in the workplace to now include sexual violence and harassment
  • Learn how to prepare and update your Risk Assessment
  • Identify what is considered harassment and "sexual"harassment
  • Learn what steps you must take when a complaint is received
  • Record keeping and communication
  • Training employees
  • Failure to comply
  • Third party MOL ordered investigations
Workplace Safety Group is pleased to partner with Versus HR Consultants and Rudner MacDonald to clarify this complex subject in a simple language, instructor-led class.

Sexual Harassment & Violence in the Workplace (Bill 132)

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