Bucket Truck | Mobile Aerial Work Platform Awareness Training

Every year, workers are injured or killed while operating or working in the vicinity of  Bucket Trucks, and "Vehicle" Mounted Lifting Devices (less than 8 tonne). This awareness course provides participants with the necessary information so that "Competent" Operators and Workers can safely work around these devices safely.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone involved in the operation of, or working around a; bucket truck and vehicle mounted lifting devices/elevated work platforms.
  • Foremen
  • Supervisors
  • Bucket Truck Operators
  • Ground Crew
  • Spotters
  • Gaffers (entertainment industry)
  • Installers
  • Construction workers 

Course Overview

Anyone operating a type of Elevated Work Platform must have proper safety training. This course teaches safety protocols for workers who are required to operate and work around power aerial lifts. NOTE: Many worksites may require practical, site-specific training (in addition to this theory training) provided by the employer before an employee is certified to operate machinery.

WSG’s course follows federal and provincial legislation for safety training. In Canada, CSA C225-00 Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Devices is a National Standards of Canada standard as shown in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects & Industrial Establishments

The objective of this course is to ensure:

  • Participants understand applicable Legislation & Standards
  • Legal Responsibilities of the constructor, employer, supervisor and worker
  • Participants can identify hazards associated with & around Mobile Cranes, Aerial Lift Platforms and Material Handling
  • Safety before, during and after operation
  • Workers understand how to set up a Bucket Truck, or Aerial Lift device in proper sequence, paying attention to the Job site & Manufacturer's Operating Procedures


Anyone operating in these devices in Construction is required to have passed a CPO approved Working at Heights certified course as they are typically working above 3 metres. Workplace Safety Group will arrange for this additional 1 day certification course  at an additional cost for any unqualified participants. Proof must be provide before training starts

It is imperative that employers provide this training to ensure the employee is qualified as well as knowledgeable on operating the specific equipment they are working with.

It is essential that workers have had some seat time prior to training.

Course Details

Length: 1 Day (75% Theory and 25% Practical)
On-Site Training: $1785.00 per session (maximum 12 per class). Weekend dates available to minimize disruption to production

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Available Training Dates

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Course Content

  • Legal Requirements under The OHS Act & Regulations 
  • Duties of Constructors, Employers, Supervisors & Workers
  • Perform pre-operational, pre-shift inspections
  • Hazard Analysis specific to the job site
  • Inspection of Worksite & Surroundings | Traffic/Pedestrian Control
  • Fall-protection, overhead protection  (safe mount & dismount)
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (Donn & Doff)
  • Hand Signals (A review only)
  • Basics of Rigging and Hoisting (A review only)
  • Emergency Response
  • Workers understand how to set up a Bucket Truck, or Aerial Lift device in proper sequence, paying attention to the job site
  • Working in the Bucket
  • Practical evaluation to ensure proficiency (Optional requested Item, not included as part of standard package)
  • You will NOT learn how to operate these pieces of equipment. This is awareness training so that workers can work safely around such equipment
  • It is imperative that employers provide additional practical job site training to their employees to ensure the employee knowledgeable on safely operating a mobile work platform.
Workplace Safety - Mobile Crane & Bucket Truck - Front 


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CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations received less than 3 business days prior to a course start date will not be refunded. Workplace Safety Group reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a training session. A $25.00 Administration Fee will apply to all customer requested cancellations.

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