Emergency Response First Aid | WSIB Approved Course

In Ontario the WSIB requires all workplaces and work parties to have at least one worker on site at all times who has a valid first aid certificate from a WSIB-approved training organization, regardless of the number of employees. First aid requirements are outlined in Regulation 1101, made under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA). This regulation summarizes the type of certificate, as well as the first aid supplies required by an employer based on the number of employees per shift.

Number of Employees per Shift Type of Certificate ​First Aid Kit
5 or fewer Emergency First Aid Ontario 1 - Reg. 1101 s.8(1)
6-15 Standard First Aid Ontario 2 - Reg. 1101 s.9(1)
16-200 Standard First Aid Ontario 3 - Reg. 1101 s.10(1)

Our Perri-Med trained facilitators (Niagara based EMS workers) provide hands-on training using a step-by-step method of learning which improves the learners retention of skills and improves their confidence level and their ability to respond in an actual emergency. Rest assured that our learners will be able to effectively take charge and use their skills in an emergency situation. 


A basic one-day course during which candidates learn basic assessment and first aid treatment to respond to a medical emergency situation in the workplace.  A prompt response can save lives, reduce the severity of an injury and speeds up the recovery time.


  • Scene survey
  • Patient assessment
  • Bleeding wounds, and more
  • Allergic Reaction | Drug Overdose - Epi-pen & Naloxone
  • Choking
  • Shock
  • Recognize symptoms of heart attack and stroke
  • CPR skills (Level A)
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Activating 911 emergency activation plan


Successful candidates receive a 3-year certification in First Aid and a 1 Year certification as a CPR (Level A) Heart Saver. This certification level meets the requirements of the Canada Labour Code, and WSIB standards for workplaces or work-crews in Ontario with 1 to 5 employees. Companies with 6 plus employees need the next level of training which is the two day course Advanced First AId.

If you require the more extensive Advanced First Aid  please visit our product page

     100% attendance, written exam with minimum 75% passing grade

      No re-certification available for this program. There is a 4 hour re-certification for CPR & AED 


  • First Aid/CPR Manual
  • Certification Wallet Cards; (wall certificate upon request)


Single person: $125.00/pp + HST for open class registration. Visa & Master Card accepted. Corporate accounts welcome.

Groups/TeamsCommercial rates available for OnSite training (Minimum of 8 participants per class required).  Call us Toll Free at 519-870-6930 for an estimate and to arrange dates. One of our safety associates will help you with the right selection for your needs. 

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CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations received less than 3 business days prior to a course start date will not be refunded. Workplace Safety Group reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a training session. A $25.00 Administration Fee will apply to all customer requested cancellations.

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