Traffic Control Person & Signaller

Safety is a two-way street. In road construction zones, employers need a sound traffic control plan in order for all drivers to proceed cautiously and obey directions. This course meets the requirements, procedures and duties of a traffic control person as spelled out in the Ontario Traffic Manual, Book 7, Temporary Conditions.

Course Overview

Road traffic control involves directing vehicular (construction and motorist), and pedestrian traffic around a construction zone, accident or other road disruption, thus ensuring the safety of emergency response teams, construction workers and the general public.

Training to become a competent Traffic Control Person means learning what the traffic control and flagging duties at a worksite are and how to perform these duties.

Construction traffic control (flagging) is a challenging job and needs the utmost attention and care. The Traffic Control Person (TCP) for Construction training program should be completed prior to becoming a TCP. This course explains the techniques, equipment, and legal requirements for TCPs in a construction environment. It explains the importance of wearing the proper protective equipment, how to effectively control traffic in a variety of construction setups and lays out general safety and legal requirements.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Temporary or Seasonal Workers working in the roadway construction sectors
  • Road Builder • Supervisors / foreman
  • Municipal maintenance crews
  • Utility crews working along / beside roadways

The course content applies to traffic control by any persons or agencies performing construction, maintenance or utility work on roadways in Ontario.

Course Outline

Ontario specifies that each traffic control person receive adequate oral and written instruction from the employer in a language the worker understands before performing traffic control duties. The course content applies to traffic control by any persons or agencies performing construction, maintenance or utility work on roadways in Ontario.

Participants who successfully complete the training will understand the following:

  • Regulations and standards, including those set out by Ministry of Transportation
  • Job preparation – understanding the Traffic Control Plan
  • Roles, responsibilities and authority of TCPs, employers and supervisors
  • Traffic control equipment and devices
  • Personal protective equipment | day and night time wearables
  • Placement of traffic control systems - setting up, maintaining and removing work zones
  • Working around equipment
  • Signalling – STOP-SLOW signs and hand signals
  • Communication (A companion course for TCP candidates would be our 1/2 day two-way radio communications)
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Pre-Requiste to have a copy of Ontario Traffic Manual-Book 7 (This book is currently out of print) • Click here for a digital edition of Ontario Traffic Manual-Book 7. 

Course Details

Length: 1/2 Day
Price: On-site Groups of 6 to 12:  $700.00   Contact our Health & Safety Advisors (519-870-6930) to arrange training dates and location.

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