Workplace Safety Group acquired by Mentor Safety Consultants Inc.

After 17 rewarding years as President of Workplace Safety Group, I am delighted to announce that WSG has been acquired by Mentor Safety Consultants Inc.

Thank you to all our clients who helped Workplace Safety Group become a highly respected health and safety consulting and training company. I now confidently pass on my company, its legacy, and clients to the care of Mentor Safety Consultants Inc. (MSCI).

Mentor Safety Consultants’ reputation in the health and safety industry is stellar. I am glad to join their team of safety professionals which includes accredited trainers, business managers, firefighters and, college professors. Each team member has an area of expertise that benefits clients in unique ways. The best person for the job will always be your resource contact.

What makes MSCI your best resource for health and safety-related solutions?

  • MSCI is Ontario Chief Prevention Officer-approved to provide Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) and Working at Heights (WAH) certification.
  • MSCI is a WSIB Excellence Program-approved provider, a new initiative that helps you receive rebates on premiums and save money by improving your safety culture.
  • MSCI has acquired a leading health and safety resources provider; thereby, being able to offer new and additional resources and training programs without any increase in costs

Carola Mittag

What does this mean for WSG Clients?

It MSCI’s goal to ensure uninterrupted service to WSG clients by working closely together to seamlessly integrate clients over to MSCI. All WSG contact points will be directed to an MSCI representative who will assist you with your safety needs without any increase in pricing. MSCI can offer all services that the WSG acquisition has added to our offerings. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know!

I welcome you to read more in my blog: What do straight teeth, hardhats, and knitting needles have in common?

Thank you again for all your support over the years,

Carola Mittag
Past President, Workplace Safety Group
Consultant and Editor for Mentor Safety Consultants Inc.

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